Gas Fireplace

Gas fireplace services

Gas fireplaces are not only an excellent energy-efficient heating solution, but they can also be a nice design addition to any home. They provide a cosy feel that many across New Zealand are looking for and that gas heaters cannot achieve. A convenient option that doesn’t require the work that burning wood does, gas fireplaces are an outstanding choice for any home in the country. Working with gas can be dangerous, so it is essential that you employ the services of a certified and trusted electrician who can perform the job to the highest standards. The gas fitting team from Plumb-Bing will support you every step of the way!

Expert gas fitters in Upper Hutt

Whether you need maintenance done on your gas heaters or are wanting to install a new appliance, the Plumb-Bing team can help. We suggest you get your gas heaters serviced every two years to avoid any issues and complications with their performance. However, if your pilot light won’t stay lit or you can smell gas from the appliance at any time, make sure you get in touch with our team straight away to avoid any further complications that can be costly to repair. Plumb-Bing will thoroughly assess your gas fireplace and provide suggestions about how you can optimise its performance.

We also install gas fires in all kinds of homes across Upper Hutt and the Hutt Valley. Our expertise makes us stand out from the rest and ensures that you can enjoy the benefits that gas fires have to offer for a long time coming.

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Contact us today if you are looking for a gas fitter to work on your fireplaces. Our team can help with maintenance, servicing and installation to provide you with the greatest solutions!