Gas Heating

Gas heating service and maintenance

Want to keep your home warm even during the coldest winter months? Gas heaters are an extremely comfortable and energy-efficient option that is a reliable option for any home in New Zealand. Gas heaters can run on reticulated and bottled gas but need to be regularly serviced to avoid any complications in the future. Ensure that your gas heaters work safely and to their full potential by getting the team from Plumb-Bing to take care of your appliances. If you are based in Upper Hutt and the Hutt Valley, make the most of our professional expertise and knowledge.

Gas heater installation and replacement

Whatever work you need to be done on your gas heaters, the Plumb-Bing team can help! If you are in the process of renovating and want to install a gas heater for the first time, our experienced gas fitters will ensure that everything is done to the highest standards, and you can enjoy the appliance for a long time coming. We can even replace electric or wood-burning heating systems with gas ones. Our team can explain the benefits and help you select the best heating solution for your needs. We always strive to perform the replacement as quickly as possible to reduce the disruptions to your everyday life.

To avoid any issues with your gas heaters, we suggest you get them serviced every two years. Here, we can address any issues and replace parts to ensure that your gas heaters work well for a significant amount of time.

Get in touch with Plumb-Bing

Contact our friendly team if you need work done on your gas heaters in Upper Hutt and the wider Hutt Valley. As professional gas fitters, we can optimise the performance of your gas heaters through our expert services. Plumb-Bing is looking forward to supporting your gas heaters.